Serving Food the Retro Way

Anyone who owns a retro diner knows the importance of aesthetics. Families don’t just come for the fantastic food. They dine-in because of the atmosphere. Creating that retro look that transports guests back to the 1950s is no small task. Restaurateurs must make many wise choices throughout the diner. There might be a carefully placed jukebox or even a countertop where diners can feel like they are sitting at a soda bar. This environment undoubtedly includes the floor and wall décor, tables and chairs, and yes, even the food packaging. 

Creating the atmosphere that old-school diners bring includes so much more than one would first think. For instance, the place settings and food packaging are all a part of the 1950s dining experience. It is not enough to install those famous red booths or that typical black and white checkered tile. Restaurant owners must also think about they are serving grilled and fried food to all guests whether they are dining in or taking their food to go.

Not all food packaging is created equal that is why it’s essential to be selective. When a specific atmosphere is desired, food packaging is a necessary purchase. To achieve the retro diner look, take every detail into accounting, including the paper sheets carefully placed under the served food. Families who come to dine expect a specific look and feel. They will undoubtedly recognize those iconic black and white checked food sheets that catch the delicious drippings of typical diner food.

In addition to fancy colored food sheets, old school diners featured matching foil packs. There is nothing better than seeing a juicy double cheeseburger wrapped in a fancy foil pack just waiting to be devoured. Perhaps the chef has wrapped a fried chicken sandwich in a patterned foil sheet with a side of fries on a matching paper sheet underneath. To please that special guest, select from a variety of patterned paper sheets. 

Remember those fancy silver napkin holders that sat on the ends of the tables? Diner owners know all too well how important it is that guests have a way to clean up that delicious dripping cheesy food. It’s important to serve food with moist towelettes and napkins to keep the foodies coming back for more. This foodservice tip is especially true for the kiddos who enjoy a hot dog with French fries dipped in ketchup. No guest should leave without feeling full and cleaned up a little bit. 

Today, when people dine out, they aren’t just looking for good food. They are also looking for a fantastic atmosphere. The senior couple visits a retro diner to remember the good old days. A young couple might split a chocolate milkshake during a first date. Families with children visit retro diners because the food is excellent, and the environment is kid-friendly. Restaurant owners should always consider the atmosphere and not merely the food when they are running a diner. Old school diners require a special touch from the minute the guest walks in the door. Achieving a retro but inviting environment is no problem with the right décor, delicious food, and fantastic food packaging products.