Best Shrink Film for food

When thinking about how to store or package food, the first thing that comes to mind is safety. How can you package food safely to ensure the quality last wherever it may be stored. This is crucial to think about when choosing which Shrink Film to use to package food

Polyolefin shrink film is known to be the best shrink film to use to package food. This film is of safe quality and it is FDA approved. When browsing through your local supermarket aisles you will see several things packaged in this film. This will range from meats to dairy products. 

There are several other reasons that make Polyolefin shrink film the best foom packaging material besides being FDA approved. One of which is the high quality of the material. It has the perfect formulation to keep food safe, stretch, and clear. This allows for the film to be flexible in different temperatures which will help to make sure that the food stays safe during shift changes. 

The clarity of this film is also a huge reason for it to be one of the best shrink film materials to use. This allows for everything within the packaging material to remain visually appealing to the naked eye. This would mean that consumers are more likely to purchase items with these packaging since the quality is already visually appealing. 

Another major important reason is that this film is recyclable. This is something that is crucial to think about when looking into packing materials since there is a need to be environmentally conscious. It is something that will help your business by saying you use environmentally friendly materials to package your items. 

This shrink film is also mentioned to be both durable and versatile. This is because it is able to stretch and contain food safely in changing temperatures and environments. Not only are these qualities both critical to look for when packing food, but this film is also very cost-effective. For example, a 12 inch 45 gauge centerfold roll of polyolefin shrink film is only about $150! 

When looking to find a supplier for this film. It is important to do your research and shop around to see what each company offers. Although it is highly recommended to see if there is a local company. This can also help with shipping and packing costs, and if something were to happen easy returns. It is also important to find a company that will be able to connect you to a direct customer service line. This would mean finding humans to communicate your needs with rather than speaking to an automated message. 

If a local company is not near your location, be sure to research customer reviews from the company you are considering buying from, primarily if they are located far away from you. You will want to be sure that your vendor can quickly and actively respond to mishaps such as defective rolls of film, receiving the wrong size or width of the film, returns, and other problems.